Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recent Crafting Output

With all the time I spend doing laundry, preparing meals, wiping other people's bums, washing dishes, doing laundry, running errands, sweeping up messes, doing laundry, picking up toys, sopping up spilled milk - and did I mention doing laundry? -  I don't have much time for crafty pursuits these days.  But it's been a year since I last showed off any of my projects on here, so now I can post pictures of several all at once, and it will seem really impressive!  But trust me - I'm not a super-crafter.  EAch of these took me many many months to complete!

Ship Prototype Pillow

I had an ambitious quilt in mind (see below), and needed to practice making a ship for it.  I found the pattern for this 12x12 block online, and busted one out late one night using some scrap fabric.  It sat around for a few months, and then inspiration struck again.  I spent another late night and some more scrap fabric turning it into a pillow for the couch.  I think it adds a nice touch of color and whimsy.

Sly's Ship Quilt

I made this quilt for Sly's bed.  It's a twin size, which makes it the largest quilt I've made yet.  I wanted something he could grow with.  It matches his blue-colored ship-themed bedroom quite well.  The whole thing took me a little over a year to complete.

I'm so thankful for my weekly quilting group that I'm part of.  It holds me accountable and ensures that I have planned out-of-the-house time to make a tiny bit of progress on my quilting each week.  If I were trying to get any quilting done on my own at home, it would just never happen.  I'd always find something more important, or at least more enticing (I'm looking at you, Facebook) to work on instead.

I took the pattern I'd used for the smaller ship block and did the calculations to enlarge it to fit the larger size of this quilt.  The outer edges are alternating squares and a block called a "friendship star" - each of them is made up of nine separate pieces.  It took a long time to finish them all!

Flora's Blankie
I've always knit a blanket ("blankie" in our family) for each of my kids while I'm pregnant with them.   We start wrapping our babies in their blankets almost as soon as they are born, and they quickly come to develop a rather strong attachment to them - which I'm totally fine with.  In fact....I may still have my own baby blankie(s) stashed away in the linen closet for an occasional covert snuggle :-)

I never bother to block my knitting, which is why the edges are all wonky here

The pattern I used is this one, which you should be able to view if you are a member of Ravelry.  My favorite yarn to use is Knitpicks Comfy Worsted Yarn.  It's inexpensive, washable, and very soft.

I do my knitting almost exclusively in the evenings while watching a movie with my husband or while discussing a book with my Catholic Moms book group (we're reading Kristin Lavrandatter right now!  SO good!).  It's a good multi-tasking activity.  In fact, I don't think I would ever make the time to knit unless I could do it while also being involved in something else....it's kind of boring, to be honest.

And if you happen to have children who also get attached to their blankets - or a daughter named Flora! - this is a pretty cute book to check out.  It's about a baby bunny who's supposed to go to bed, but can't find her blanket.


  1. Wow! You are very talented! The quilting looks great and I'm amazed at the blanket you knitted. I never got the hang of knitting and as much as I'd like to make a quilt for my son's toddler bed I just don't have the patience or the talent for picking out the right fabric combinations to do it.

    1. Oh! There are tons of fabric companies that put out intentionally-matched sets of fabric that are super cute, and take all the challenge out of picking coordinating prints! Try looking into a company like Moda - maybe you'll be inspired :-)

  2. That quilt is amazing! Brava! I admire those who find the time to quilt and the finished fruits of their labors. A few years back, I consigned one from a friend, because I knew I'd never have the time to do what I wanted on my own. This is her blog post about my quilt, which I love: http://katiemaequilts.blogspot.com/2014/02/vera-bradley-quilt-finished.html

    Your kids will love having something mom made for them. I wish I had more of my mom's handiwork.

    1. Thanks for sharing your quilt! The skill that went into that is much beyond what I'm capable of (yet!). But it's nice to get some ideas for future projects :-)