Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Downtown Christmas Displays

Last weekend, we went downtown to check out the various Christmas displays and activities.  Last year, we went on Christmas Eve during the daytime, so there was hardly anyone around.  It was really pleasant to have downtown all to ourselves.  When we went to Macy's, there wasn't a soul in there, and we got right to the front of the line to see Santa.  But I had forgotten that we had gone that day last time, so I was expecting that Sly would get to meet Santa again this year.  When we got there, the line must have been three hours long!  Needless to say, we skipped meeting Santa.  I need to remember this next time.

Despite that, we still enjoyed various other attractions: the "Santas From Around the World" display (I doubt that's the real name of it, but it's what I always refer to it as), the contestants for the big gingerbread contest, the train set, etc.  I didn't take enough pictures to fully document the day, but here are a few.
Watching trains with Daddy

I'm thinking he's pretty much train-obsessed now, like all little boys seem to be

Being cute for some strangers

Some of the gingerbread houses were really impressive.

A talented group of high-schoolers from a local youth orchestra.  Love the poinsettia trees.

Yep.  Still wearing the cat-ear hat this winter.

Sly's coat is enormous on him!

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