Monday, December 5, 2011

News in Pictures

I hardly ever make lasagna, even though I have a killer recipe, handed down by my Nana via my mom.  It just makes WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.  This crusty beauty from last night is going to make us two dinners in a row, then I'll freeze the rest...for probably another two dinners in a few weeks!

Toddler (!) Leg Warmers
Now that we've been getting some winter weather, I've noticed that when we're out with Sly, his little ankles are always exposed.  Especially when he's sitting in the backpack, since it pulls his pants up a little.  So I knit him a pair of legwarmers!  This is the first thing I've knit in a few years, but they thankfully came out just fine.  They reach about to his knees.  I haven't had a chance to try them out yet, since we've had crazy 60° weather the past few days.

Waiting for Christ
I've been trying to decorate for Christmas in stages, as a way to sorta observe Advent.  Instead of having a Christmas explosion in the house all at once.   I love the Fontanini Nativity sets.  Not only are they reliably attractive, and easy to find at stores, but best of all - they are made from PLASTIC!  So when Sly plays with the sheep (which he's already insisted on doing many times), I don't have to worry.

Christmas book basket

I've been collecting children's books at thrift stores since before Sly was born.  I kept putting aside all the seasonal ones in the boxes with that holiday's decorations.  It was fun last week to crack open the Christmas stuff, and see how many Christmas books had built up in there - about fifteen.  I put them all in a basket in the living room, to make sure they get read.  Sly's been "asking" us to read them to him many times each day.


  1. Love the legwarmers! And yay Fontanini! What I love about them is that they don't LOOK plastic at all. What size do you have?

  2. i have the same feelings toward lasagna. whenever i make it, we have to eat it for four days and i'm so sick of it by the end. somehow, it never occurred to me to just freeze the rest. brilliant!