Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goodwill Haul

Ever since a friend introduced me to the absurd concept of the "haul" videos that litter Youtube - where some chirpy teenage girl shows you all the ridiculously unnecessary, expensive, and inappropriate items she bought at the mall with daddy's credit card - I've joked that I needed to do a thrift store "haul" video sometime, as a parody.  I don't actually have the time or inclination to set up a video camera for such a silly thing right now, but I thought I'd share pictorially the results from a recent "lucky" trip to Goodwill I had.

Really, this is all just part of my plan to convince more people to start giving thrift stores a chance!

So, here we go..
An interestingly-colored long silky skirt with velvet trim ($3.99).  Tom HATES this.  I tried it on at Goodwill, and he gave it double thumbs-down.  Teeheehee.  But there was just something about reminds me of something women would wear in the 1850s.  If it was a little longer, I might try it on with the petticoat from my wedding to pouf it out more.  Also, it was very well-made from good-quality fabric, and I appreciate that.

A fun navy-and-white sequined Boho skirt, slightly past knee-length ($3.99).  Tom did like this one a lot.  It's probably too cold now for shorter cotton skirts, though, so this will be saved for summer.

 Super girly pink dress, 18-month size ($0.25). It was priced at $3, but the lady marked it down for us since a jewel-button is missing.
Cute gray monster mittens ($2). Maybe Sly's hands will be big enough for them next year.

Cool ship picture printed on fabric ($1).  I LOVE ship paintings.  If we don't find a good place for this, I might take it up to our cottage at Lake Erie, as that seems a fitting place for it.  It was priced at $5, but the lady marked it down because of some light staining.

Parenting with Grace by the Popcaks ($0.99).  I've been curious about this book for awhile, so it was nice to find my own copy.  I think it's funny how dated all the outfits are on the cover.  Totally 90s.

Total cost: $12.22.

I'm aware that these items may not be everyone's style at all.  But at Goodwill, one man's trash TRULY is another (wo)man's treasure.  I was pretty pleased with everything, and it will all get good use.  But don't say it's because my local Goodwill must be a "good one" or something.  Not true!  You just need to take the time to search, and be willing to check back often.


  1. My motto: Never pay full retail! We always check out the thrift stores first. There's a great one in our area called "Community Aid". They are Christian owned and give back to the community. Often, I will be looking for something particular and there it will be at one of the thrift stores!
    P.S. I love that first skirt ;-)

  2. How are you getting the Goodwill people to mark down things! Mine NEVER does that for me!. I love all of your stuff. By the way I'm another MAJOR goodwiller. I even have a facebook album dedicated to my "I'm super excited about this find and have to share." I probably go to goodwill once a week if not more often. I am even to the point now that I have started buying things for other people. (I'm almost a personal goodwill shopper) One of my best finds in my opinion was my $25 wing back chair and same color but not totally matching ottoman. It may only be rivaled by Strasburg children christening gown for $1.50. (I'm not pregnant yet and I don't have any kids but I figured that was a steal.)

    1. I'm glad to find a fellow thrifter! Maybe you should turn the Facebook album into a blog? haha.

      As for Goodwill marking stuff down...I've had mixed luck with that, but usually they'll take something off it there's something wrong with the item. In this case, it was two young ladies working the register, and my very sociable husband had already struck up a conversation in them when we first came in and they exclaimed over the baby he was holding...haha. So that might have had something to do with it!