Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two-year Old Killed at Zoo -- PRAYERS needed!

 **This is sad and depressing and horrible.  You've been warned**

A two-year old boy was killed today at our local zoo.  He fell into an enclosure of Wild African Dogs, and was mauled by them.  From what I've read, investigators are still unclear as to whether it was the fall or the dogs that actually killed him.  Does it really matter, though?  It was still a gruesome tragedy.

The whole thing must have been absolutely horrific.  I've read accounts which mentioned the primal screaming coming from the witnesses and heard throughout the zoo.  I just can't stop reading about it.  Can you imagine what his parents are going through now??  After watching that?  The worst part is, his mother had lifted him up onto the railing.  That's where he fell.  She will be blaming herself for his death for the rest of her life.  It must be paralyzing.   This brings back so many memories of what happened to us a year ago...but we got lucky - our baby lived.  PLEASE pray for this family!!

Sly looking at the same Wild Dogs a year ago

 Here's an article about it.

Do yourself a favor, and don't read all the heartless and hateful comments after the article.  We don't know the circumstances of this, and we have absolutely no right to be casting blame on the parents now.  I was fuming while reading them.   How dare people so callously call them stupid, negligent, idiotic, etc.. when they have no idea what really happened?  When that poor mother just watched her baby get killed?  And the people claiming the mother should have jumped in and beat away the wild dogs herself?  Ridiculous.  Or who are complaining about the one "especially aggressive" dog having to be killed?  It's a damn dog, people.  A human's life was at stake, and that's ALWAYS more valuable.  Especially when it's: "innocent child" vs. "vicious attacking animal".

No one knows what it's like to actually be there, when something like this happens.  It's so easy, after the fact, to say what should have been done.

Ugh.  Sorry for the depressing post.  PLEASE PRAY!!


  1. wow. im so sorry. that is really sad. praying for the family!!

  2. I can't bring myself to read the article (and I could never read the comments, people are too cruel). That family certainly has my prayers.

  3. Such a horrible tragedy. They will be in my prayers.

  4. No matter how it happened, a family is without their baby tonight. Prayers for them right now.

  5. I am mad at the news site too, for letting that kind of thing happen. They need to either shut down comments on those kind of articles or moderate them. I can't believe people would say those things, but I also can't believe that the site would allow it.