Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 21)

So I wore that skirt from Goodwill - the one Tom hates - to All Saint's Day Mass last night.  Be honest - how ridiculous does it look?
  Tom said I looked Mormon.  But I also found out that the skirt has pockets!

While we're on the subject of clothes, I just need to complain about something.  Today we're going to a wedding for some of Tom's co-workers (Friday weddings always seem weird to me).  Usually, I relish such a rare opportunity to actually get dressed up, especially since I'm not in maternity clothes anymore.  But everyone from Tom's office really wants to meet Stella, so told us we have to bring her.  Which means I have to find a dress that accommodates nursing.  Sigh.  This is really hard to do!  I found a couple dresses in my closet that could maybe be pulled down in the front just enough - if I was slouched down rather uncomfortably, and under a nursing cover of course - to nurse in.  But I decided to go with a more-casual-than-I'd-like babydoll-style dress with leggings underneath.  I'm just going to lift the whole dress up to nurse as if it were a shirt! ha.

I often think despairingly that I may basically never wear any of my dresses again.  What are they chances that all three of these situations occur at once: 1. I'm not pregnant, 2. I'm not nursing, 3. I'm attending a formal event?  Possibly very slim. 

And while we're on the subject of dresses, and Stella...

I just think this is so cute.

The other day, discussing an item we're selling on Craigslist...

Tom: Did that guy say he was gonna take it?
Me: He said he's gonna ask his wife.
Tom: Ughhhh. That means the answer is no.

haha.  So true ;-)

Earlier in the week, Sly was having a very "terrible twos" sort of day, and driving me crazy.  I decided we needed a craft to occupy us and ease some tension.  I settled on the classic "tissue ghosts".  I always thought it looked like they were hanging from a noose.  Maybe I'm just too morbid.

Martha Stewart would be jealous, don't you think?

Sly's love for Bach has only continued to grow.  Tom printed out a picture of him, and asked Sly if he wanted to tape it up in his room.  When asked where it should go, Sly pointed at the ceiling and said "up high".  So that's where it is...

He also now likes to say the composer's full name, which to Sly is, "Johann 'Dassin' Bach!!"

I checked a few books out of the library about Montessori's method as relates to young children.  I hear a lot of people talk about their appreciation for her approach, but I just need to learn more about it to see what it's really all about.  I will write about this again, if I have any strong impressions or decide to implement anything from this reading...

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  1. I feel the exact same way about nursing and dresses!! It's so frustrating ... nursing in that dress at the tea on Sunday was a pain but I INSISTED on wearing it. :-P This is also one of the more selfish reasons I can't envision myself doing extended breastfeeding ...

  2. Hi I found you over from quick takes! I really love dresses too. Maybe some kind of cami under the dress could solve your problem? When I was nursing I actually wore that pants expander thing (mine was an elastic white tube) as a cami type thing under dresses that were a little lower cut. It kept them not showing everything off, but I could also pull it down quickly because there were no straps on it. Happy weekend to you!

    1. That is a good idea. My problem with most of the dresses, though, is even if they are low cut, they usually fit too snugly to even be able to - no way to put this delicately - get my breast out the top! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Dresses and nursing really don't mix well at all. I will only wear a dress if I know I will be home when it's time to nurse to the baby. And even then it's still a nuisance.

    On the skirt, I think I'm with Tom. I don't like it, but I think it would be really cute if the hemline was a bit shorter. Do you sew or know someone who does that could make it just below or mid knee length? I think the skirt would look pretty cute at that length.

  4. Sorry, Tom, I like the skirt :-) But, I have to admit, my daughter said if the crew of "What Not to Wear" ever met me, they would throw out all my clothes ;-) I never wore dresses while nursing unless it was for a short time and I could get changed before baby was hungry.

  5. I was in a Montessori school for three years if you have any questions.