Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been reading on other blogs today a bunch of complaints about how Blogger deleted everyone's latest posts. And smugly, I thought, "not mine!". Until I looked more closely. And my posting from the other day, talking about how my baby was almost crawling (!), and featuring many took-forever-to-upload-and-arrange photos, is GONE. ugh.

I'll re-post a couple of those pictures again, with minimal commentary. Sighhhhhhh. Stupid technology!

Earlier in the week, Sly was still only able to lay on his tummy, and push himself backwards, getting himself stuck into every corner, and under every piece of furniture in the house. Here he is, crying, because he got stuck beside the toilet.

But by Wednesday, he had figured out perfect crawling posture! He rocks back and forth, but still hasn't managed to propel himself forward.

Transitioning from sitting to crawling position and back again.

Sly is getting to be a pro at pulling himself up to standing, and can "cruise" along objects like tables and couches. And yet he STILL cannot figure out how to roll over. Not even from tummy to back, which is supposed to be the easy one. Silly baby.


  1. Yeah ... my last post was technically published on Tuesday (as opposed to Wednesday) so it didn't get deleted, thank goodnes! Although a third of the comments on it disappeared. :(

  2. The posts were only temporarily deleted in order to fix some problem according to blogger's status page. My posts just came back. Too bad they didn't publicize that more, as I"m sure a lot of people rewrote their whole posts :(

  3. Hmm... Mine are still gone. I had a whole series on tithing-one posted and the rest scheduled to post and they are all GONE! Hopefully they will magically return.