Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Are the Naps When You Need Them?

Okay...what do you do when your baby decides he won't take naps? Sly is about 9 months old...he should be taking at LEAST one nap a day, if not two. But the past two days, he won't sleep during the day at all. I've tried all my tricks. I got him to sleep for maybe 15 minutes today, but then he woke up crying. He doesn't seem sick or in pain. Just extra cranky from sleep deprivation.

And I have things to get done! I need him to take a nap as much as he does!!

Could this have anything to do with him starting to crawl?? I feel like I remember reading something about sleep getting all messed up when they start crawling...

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  1. Matthew went through an awful time with naps at 9 months. After reading Ferber, it became clear that he was sleeping too much at night and therefore thought he needed no sleep whatsoever during the day. We gradually lessened the amount of time he slept at night to about 10 - 10.5 hours. Then I used the Ferber method for naps during the day. At nine months, I decided Matthew was just a one nap kid. It took about a week of hard work, but I made a conscious decision to keep him up until about noon each day and then use the Ferber method to get him to go down for one 2.5-3 hour nap. After that one week, he was in a great routine and that has really stuck. Hope that helps. :)