Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

The love of my life. The boy who made me a mom.

Yesterday was sorta my first Mother's Day, but not exactly. Last year, I was pregnant, so I was technically already a mother. But there's something different about motherhood before and after the birth of the child. Now that Sly has been born, I can hold him and look at him. And there are so many more decisions to be made. He needs my constant and intentional care. While he was inside of me, my body mostly just handled things without me having to think about it. Now, I have to be constantly aware of his safety, his comfort, etc.

Our Mother's Day celebrations were simple, yet nice. I amassed a number of small gifts, too! Tom gave me a card, potted lilies and a coffee grinder [yay! we've been wanting one since I accidentally bought whole bean coffee last month at Trader Joe's], and "Sly" got me a pair of earrings. My mom also gave me some earrings and a card. My mother-in gave me a sweet photo album of me and Sly, as well as a card. And I also got a carnation from church, another from my aunt, and a card from my best friend.

Oh, and the triple photo gift we sent to Tom's mom went over as well as I could've hoped - she totally loved it, and it made her cry!

We had been away for part of the weekend for a wedding [which I hope to post some pictures of soon!], so when we arrived home Sunday afternoon with all our bags, the house was immediately a wreck. I kept wanting to clean up, but Tom wouldn't let me, insisting that he would take care of it himself. I even managed to take a nap! We mused about going out for dinner, but in the end, decided to just order in Chinese food and watch a movie, which was perfectly agreeable to me.

Baby Tom with his mother

Baby me with my mom

I think it can't be just a coincidence that Mother's Day falls during May, the month of Our Lady. God Bless all mothers!!

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  1. i'm glad you had a wonderful mother's day! and i'm glad your mother-in-law loved her present!