Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Outdoor Wedding

As I mentioned yesterday, Tom and I went to my cousin's wedding over the weekend. It was only two hours away, but my dad had insisted - and kindly offered to pay - that we stay in a hotel Saturday night, instead of trying to drive home. This was an adults-only affair (isn't that kinda lame? I think kids make weddings more fun!), so we left Sly with my mom overnight.

It was my FIRST NIGHT EVER away from him! But he did really well, and I didn't miss him too bad. At any rate, it was good practice for this weekend when we will again leave him for the night, this time with Tom's parents. We are planning an overnight trip to New York City as a late anniversary celebration!!

The wedding was a good time. I got to see almost all my cousins! Growing up, we saw each other constantly. My dad and six of his siblings all stayed in their hometown of Pittsburgh (just one brother moved away, to Mississippi); and five of those families actually settled in the same township. So we all basically grew up together. When we were younger, Family Parties were regular, huge, and great fun. Additionally, all us cousins saw each other regularly in school, or at our dad's basketball games (they all played on a local team together!) or at our sleepovers, etc.. In fact, at this wedding, my cousin Ted had asked one cousin to be his best man, and another to be a groomsman. Further testament to how tight our family is!

Now that everyone's growing up, though, the cousins are scattered around the country for college or their new careers. We only get to see everyone now at Christmas and at our "Family Week" summer vacation. Okay - I know, I know - that's still way more than most extended families, or heck, even some nuclear families, can say for themselves. But it's still much less than I'm used to!

Anyways, the wedding ended up feeling like one big family party. Here are a few shots.

My cousin Ted with his bride, Nicole. Look at that great vintage-style dress!

The happy couple

My cousin Val (Ted's sister) made the cake! I think the birdy toppers are very cute.

Here's Tina, my awesome cousin-in-law, breaking it down. She homeschools her eight kids, age 13 and under!


My uncle and cousin from Mississippi

Something about going to weddings just puts me in such a cutesy lovey mood. I kept finding Tom to go give him snuggles, and plant him with kisses.

hehe. I think Tom's reaction was more, "groan...I guess I have to put up with this"

Me and three cousins. So nice to get the girls back together.

Throwing the bouquet

Oh, I didn't get a picture of this, but they also did the (awkward!) garter toss after this. And the guy who caught it was a 13 year-old boy who had not been aware of what he was supposed to do with it afterwards. Needless to say, the whole situation was pretty embarrassing for everyone involved!
And that is why the whole practice should just be abandoned altogether!

Aw, how cute :-)

Loving on my husband again (I'm not really that short - I think we were on stairs)

A beautiful 1949 Cadillac (and I only know that because Tom told me) came to pick up the bride and groom.

This was a nice idea. Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles, we were given cones of lavender to toss.


My scruffy brother, Dan

Cousins, so happy to see each other again!

Here, they are inserting "Let's Go Pitt!" (the school where half the family has gone to college) in between the lines of "Sweet Caroline"

Ahhh....Family :-)


  1. I love the idea of throwing lavender!!

    And I can see the family resemblance in that picture of you with your cousins. :)

  2. wow, that is really special that you grew up with almost all your cousins! mine all live in canada, so we've only seen each other like three or four times in our entire lives. it's weird that its never awkward when we do see each other...we just pick up where we left off!