Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)

1. On Tuesday, I woke up at 8:30am, managed to get myself and the baby ready, and actually made it to the 10:00 morning Mass! I was hoping that Sly would continue sleeping until his usual late hour so I could be more productive, but alas - as soon as I woke up, he did too. So that slowed me down a bit, but we still made it! The priest is one whom I met a couple weeks ago at a Mom's Group meeting. I don't even remember introducing myself or the baby to him formally, but I guess I must have, since after Mass he came right up to us and said, "hello, little Sylvester!".

2. I was hoping to make at least one more morning Mass this week, but that plan was foiled by an unfortunate case of car trouble. The car was making a terrible grinding sound as I drove home from tutoring on Tuesday, and I was told I should get it to a mechanic right away. Seems that we had ill-fitting break pads, which has worn down to the metal. This in turn caused the destruction of several other parts. The car's been in the shop since Tuesday evening. It's ready to pick up, but I still haven't gotten a ride there. And it's going to cost us. As I said to Tom, though, at least God let our car troubles wait until we had a little more money in the bank to afford them!

3. I finally purchased my bridesmaid (or perhaps I should say I'm a "bridesmatron"?) dress for my friend's wedding. It's going to need to be taken in a bit at the shoulders, so I'm hoping I can find someone I know to do it cheap, instead of paying the ridiculous prices they charge for alterations at the store.

4. While my mom and I were out shopping on Wednesday (for the dress, and a few other things), Sly made himself a big mess, as babies are wont to do. Not only did his bib become totally saturated with drool and spit-up, but his diaper wicked a little onto his clothes. It's my fault for forgetting to pack a change of clothes. But we were still only halfway through with our shopping, and didn't want to let him stay wet and gross. One store was having a good sale on baby outfits, and my mom offered to just buy him a new one so we could just change him right then. I decided it would be fun to let Sly pick out his own outfit, for once (since all the ones we own were given as gifts or hand-me-downs). So I carried him along the clothes racks to see which one he would grab for. And here's the one he chose.

Tom was quite proud of his son's good taste (since his favorite colors are brown and green). And every time I see him in it, I think it's just the cutest thing ever that he "picked it" himself!

5. When I'm taking a shower, lately I've been propping Sly into a sitting position on the bathroom floor and giving him several toys to amuse him. He still loves to "talk" and "sing" very loudly every time the shower's running. Thursday morning, he was chattering away as always. But after a few minutes, it suddenly got quiet. I waited about a minute, listening, and he still wasn't talking. Instead, I kept hearing a small thumping sort of sound. I peeked out the curtain to see what he was up to, and saw that he was grabbing the waste basket, and drumming the bottom of it up and down on the floor. Based on the position of it, I figured he couldn't really spill it over, so just decided to let him have his fun. When I'd finished my shower, though, and opened the curtain, I was surprised to see that he had pulled the entire trash bag out of the can, and was inspecting it in his lap. I think I caught him before anything nasty wound up in his mouth. I let out a little gasp, which made him just give me a huge smile. That little rascal!

6. It's moments like those that make me realize, with shock, that my baby isn't just a "baby." He is a little boy. And as he gets older, he's going to be the same little destructive, toy-throwing, jumping, kicking, tearing-around-the-house ball of energy that most little boys are at some time or another. Little boys cause mischief.

7. Tom is going away on a business trip soon. He has to fly out on Sunday after Mass (they wanted him to leave Sunday morning, but he asked if he could have a few hours in the morning), and he won't get back until late on Friday! It's a long time to be away, and I know me and the babe are going to miss him pretty hard.

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