Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Three of My Husband Being Out of Town

Valentine's cookies I baked several years ago

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. For some, that's a romantic day spent with their honey. For me, it was a very uneventful day holed up in the house with my almost 6-month old little man, and our two cats. The two of us only got out of the house for about a half hour, total. I decided that I needed to take a walk - just to get out of the house - and Sly rode in his Baby Bjorn. The temperature was more pleasant than it's been recently (maybe about 40°?), but it was raining on and off throughout the day. And it was the rain and wind that drove us back home shortly after we'd started.

I found myself wishing Sly was a bit older, so we could make a cute Valentine's Day craft together. I considered baking some sort of heart-shaped or red-colored treats, but I realized that without Tom home all week, I would end up eating EVERY.last.one. Myself. Bad idea.

For dinner, I cooked myself a "romantic dinner for one". It was a slapped-together-from-what's-in-the-fridge version of "Chicken Parmesan". I used generic-brand frozen chicken patties, and grated some Swiss cheese on top (since that's all we had). I cooked up some farfalle to eat on the side. We didn't have any wine. ha.

Tom called me at night. But instead of cheerful "Happy Valentines Day, my love, my life, my wife" mushy sorta of sentiments, it was mostly tired sighs. Turns out, he had come down with a fever a few hours before, and was feeling awful. So our conversation was really not that enjoyable anyways. I had to make him promise me that he would ask the hotel for some medicine before he went to sleep (which, based on how poorly he was paying attention to the conversation, was probably minutes away), and we said goodnight.

I'm glad I don't put too much stock in this holiday to begin with, because this Valentine's Day was pretty lame. Ah, well.