Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day at the Aviary

Last Saturday, we went to the National Aviary with some friends. We thought Sly might enjoy watching the birds. In reality, he usually seemed not even to notice that there were big colorful creatures flying around near him. But from time to time, they did capture his notice, and we got a few good pictures when they did.

Sly watching a bird in the Wetlands room. He was so unfazed by people that he actually went over and sat right next to people on a bench a little later.

Watching some birds fly around overhead during the bird feeding show.

Some cute little guys walking on a rail.

A weird picture of the three of us.


Having a close penguin encounter.

These birds looked unreal. As if they were just paintings of birds. I think they are Pied Imperial Pigeons.

This guy was really cool, and pretty huge (hard to get a feel for his size in the photo). We tried forever to get a good picture of him, but this was the best we got. It's a Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

I think this guy is called a Blue-bellied Roller. SO puffy and cute!!

Standing in the rainforest room.

The crowned pigeon again. A fearless bird. We watched him chase a little girl in circles until she cried. And I admit...I laughed (quietly, so the girl and her mom wouldn't hear).

The Rainbow Lorikeets. Gorgeous birds! We took too many pictures of these guys.

While the aviary wasn't as big as I was expecting, there's a lot to see if you are patient. Overall, a nice afternoon activity. I think Sly will enjoy it more in another year or so.

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