Friday, February 4, 2011

In a Funk

The past few weeks have really dragged on. Sly and I are stuck inside most of the day, and are getting major cabin fever. The weather's just too cold most days to take him outside. Tom keeps insisting that there is plenty we could do. He's always telling me to go to the mall. First of all, going to stores gets boring real fast if you know you can't buy anything anyways. Plus, all the effort involved in going out of the house and lugging around a fussing baby all afternoon is something I try to do only when necessary!

I don't know too many other stay-at-home moms to hang out with, and I don't want to intrude too often on the ones I do. I am involved in a Catholic Moms Group which is actually really great and plans frequent activities and outings. But most of them are for older kids....or they start too early for us. That's another thing that's been making the days a drag. Sly and I don't wake up until 10:00 most mornings. By the time I've been able to shower, dry my hair, change myself, change the baby, feed myself, feed the's already noon! I hate that feeling of the day being half over by the time you're even ready for it! And yet I feel so tired in the morning that I can't imagine pulling myself out of bed any earlier (seriously, does nursing tire you out? I feel like ever since Sly was born, I've needed major amounts of sleep). I think both of us need an earlier bedtime. Sly goes to sleep at 10pm, and me....1:30am. When the heck did this new pattern get established? And why? It's just been these past couple of weeks.

And to add to all this, Tom has been putting in major amounts of overtime at work. It's nice, because he's getting paid for it. But it's hard not having him home until late every day. Dinner gets pushed until 8:00 or later, and I don't like eating that late. And when Tom does get home, he's mentally exhausted from his job, and doesn't even really want to have a conversation. I feel like I'm not getting the adult interaction that I need. I spend most of the day alone with Sly, trying to figure out new ways to entertain him that are at least not mind-numbingly boring or repetitive for myself. We both just really need a change of scenery. Or company.

Don't let anyone tell you that being a stay-at-home mom is an easy thing. I definitely would never trade it for going back to work or school. And I do feel very grateful for having the ability to be home for my son, and so that I can take care of the house. But wintertime can make you feel tethered down sometimes.

My goal is going to be to start getting to bed earlier, and to try to make morning Mass at least a couple times a week. That will not only help provide a needed spiritual refreshment, but will also get us out of the house, and give us a welcome change in our routine :-)

Ugh. Sorry this whole post was mostly one big long complaint. But yay for Punxsutawny Phil predicting an early Spring this year, huh?

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  1. Morning Mass sounds like a good idea. I'll visit more next week :) Maybe we could even do dinner? It would have to be Monday since our Cincinnati friends are visiting on Thursday!