Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a Few Quick Updates

1. Tom's back home now. Sly was very happy to see him again, and has been laughing up a storm at all of Daddy's funny faces and noises (dads always seem better at that!). And he brought me a present! I lost my winter hat a couple weeks ago at the library. So he bought me a new one. And this one has cat ears!

He knows me well!

2. We spent the first half of Saturday bouncing around to some different stores and such. We checked out an antique show, the dollar store, a book shop, and Papermart (we needed Mardi Gras supplies for a party we're having soon). It was a pleasant day - it's always nice to have the feeling of having no where in particular you need to be, and to just let your whims carry you...

3. Found a GREAT website: This is just a very small sampling of the hilarious offerings you can find...

The customer gave the bakery an image of his boss on his thumb drive, which was supposed to be printed onto the cake. Instead, he got a picture of the thumb drive itself!

Sometimes people really amaze me by how obtuse they can be!

4. Sly is officially sitting now! He can stay up for a really long time, but we still surround him with a protective ring of pillows - just in case.

Now we just need to work on rolling over. I think babies tend to start rolling front-to-back around four months. Sly is almost six months and still can't do it! Well, he's rolled a couple times. But it was definitely accidental, and he definitely didn't enjoy it.

5. As Sly has started to outgrow his bouncer chair, someone knew has started to claim it as his own.

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