Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homemade Jewelry

My husband just loves being "handy" and crafty (crafty in a manly sense. He doesn't like knitting, scrapbooking, or those sorts of things!). I'm not sure whether he overestimates his talents, or if I underestimate them. But I do know that oftentimes, I'll admire something neat in a shop or maybe some architectural feature in someone's house (say, a carved wood fireplace), and Tom will say immediately, "I could make that." I always have some doubt about those statements. And for the most part, he's never gone so far as to actually make the thing he asserts he could make (usually because he claims, legitimately, he doesn't own the proper tools for the job). But still - I probably should have more faith in him...

Being limited in tools and materials to work with, and being interested in re-purposing everyday objects into something new and interesting, Tom occasionally fiddles around with little things down in the basement. He enjoys making me jewelry out of little bits and pieces. I think it gives him a goal and a purpose to his fiddling.

Recently, he's been trying to figure out a good way to make me some jewelry out of Blue Moon bottle caps. Blue Moon is THE one and only type of beer that I actually enjoy.

And look how pretty it is!

Last night, he left his latest prototype on the desk for me:

Yikes! This thing is SHARP. It would be like wearing a miniature deadly ninja star on my body. Plus, any jewelry on me these days is pretty much fair game for the baby's grasping little hands. No thanks!

I sent him back to the workshop :-) Hopefully, he comes up with something a little more practical next time.

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