Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone Has Been Skipping His "Being a Husband: 101" Classes

As mentioned in the past few posts, I've been trying to weed out some excess stuff recently, in a late-start to a 40 Bags in 40 Days Lenten cleanout. I added a particular button-up sweater to the growing pile of giveaways this morning, but later started to have some second thoughts about it. I mean, it's a nice sweater. It's a pretty Spring Green color, and well-made. But it doesn't fit too well. It gapes open a little at the chest, and just hangs excessively all around the waist. I decided to let Tom be the final judge. I quickly tried it on again for him this afternoon, pointing out the problems I saw with it.

Me: "So...did I make the right decision to get rid of this?"
Tom: "Yeah. It makes you look fat."


Okay, I'm really not offended. I think he actually believed he was being helpful. But geez! Isn't that the number one thing all men are taught NEVER to say to their wives?!


  1. The way you describe it, it sounds PERFECT as a maternity sweater (slightly larger chest/much larger waist). Maybe keep it for that, since you like it?

  2. Actually, when I said it was gaping at the chest, I mean because my chest is already too large for it, and it stretches the buttons apart!