Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Fisher-Price Toys!

This is what my dish rack looks like right now...Full of old-school Fisher-Price Little People toys!

Shortly after Sly was born, I was lamenting to my mom that the new versions of the Little People toys are not nearly as cool as the ones we had when I was a kid. And since all of ours are long-gone, I was sad we hadn't saved them. Well, Mom was nice enough to buy me (um, I mean Sly, of course...hehe) the Farm set on eBay! It's missing the silo, and a couple other minor pieces that I remember (hay bales, a harness for the horse), etc. But it came with about 8 cows, 5 horses, and 6 pigs - much more than the set originally did! So I guess that makes up for it :-)

Oh yeah! I think I'm definitely more excited to play with it than Sly will be.


  1. Awesome :) I think my mom saved our fisher-price toys, but after a few summers in the sandbox I'm not sure what kind of shape they're in!

  2. We have that same barn and figures that used to be mine and my siblings'- and the Fisher Price House. They are better than the new stuff. The kids also use all of our old kitchen food. I love it for the nostalgic value :)