Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mardi Gras Plans

So we're hosting a Murder Mystery Party at our place on Saturday. I've never done one of these, but they always sounded fun. Tom's sister gave us a kit for Christmas, and since it's a Mardi Gras Murder, we've decided to hold it this week.

You have to assign a role to each of your eight guests before the date of the party. This way, they can all have a chance to 'get into character', as well as to piece together an appropriate costume. As I was deliberating over who should be who (and it took me much more time than it probably should have), I was having a particularly tough time assigning the female roles. Mainly because one of the characters was described as being "trashy and trampy." Since all three women who we invited are good, devout Catholics, I figured it would be pretty difficult for anyone to find something in their wardrobe that could suggest "trampy," while still being appropriately modest enough to wear around the guys! Also...having to be that character? Embarrassing!

So I decided to make myself the martyr. ha ha. I assigned the role to myself, figuring it would be mean of me to make one of the guests have to take it on. I still haven't really thought about what I'm going to wear. But I did inform my mother that I would be over this week to raid her closet because I need an outfit for "a party" I'm going to [guilty smile]. My mother, bless her, has always been my source of crazy clothing and accessories for every Halloween costume or other crazy-outfit need I have had through the years.


  1. I think you chose well for me :) I have my "ballgown"... how important do you think it is that I have the tiara?