Thursday, March 3, 2011

This One's For All the Four-Eyes

No, no one is paying me to say this...

If you wear glasses, you need to know about a fantastic website: Zenni Optical. I recently replaced my old, scratched glasses with a new pair from the site. My total cost? $15!

Frames AND prescription lenses = $10 (unheard of!!)
Added non-glare coating = $5

You canNOT beat that! And the prescription is perfect. It really makes you wonder about those $200 pairs that the eye doctors sell you. Obviously, someone is making a killing on the sale of glasses. They don't have to cost that much. Kind of like how movie theaters sell you five cents worth of pop (a.k.a. soda) for $5...

They have almost 3000 different styles to choose from. And there's a neat "frame fit" feature where you can upload a photo of your face to "try on" the glasses you are interested in.

Tom was my guinea pig for buying them this way. Over a year ago, I had convinced him that he should be the brave one to try buying a new pair of glasses from Zenni. And here's the ones he got:

This is such a dumb picture, but the best view of his glasses I could find! They've served him well for a year, so when I had my recent eye appointment, I made sure to ask the doctor for a copy of my prescription. And here are the glasses I picked.

It's a little difficult to tell from the picture, but YES - though are rhinestones in the corners! And the sides are decorated with a zebra-stripe pattern. I love them! Since the glasses were so inexpensive, we both decided to be more adventurous in our choices. And I'm glad I was.

So keep it in mind! Even if you already have perfectly functional glasses, maybe a second "fun" pair could shake things up :-)

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