Friday, March 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes 3

1. Sly's personality is really starting to blossom now. Tomorrow, he'll be exactly 7 months old. Such a big boy already! He still has his moments, but he's no longer the perpetually fussy little fussman that he used to be. He now has long stretches of time where he is just happy, smiling, and completely pleasant. And he's such a joy to be around at those times!

2. One of my guilty pleasures is watching the show How I Met Your Mother. I never watch the new episodes. We don't even have cable. But on one of the five-or-so channels we do get, they show reruns in the evenings. It's a great way to unwind some nights after dinner. The show certainly doesn't always promote the best morals (definite promiscuity among certain characters), but the humor is very clever. And, I admit, I kinda have a little crush on Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howser fame). But I'm married, and he's gay, so it wouldn't work out. haha

3. My late start to a "40 Bags in 40 Days"-ish house purging is going well! Yesterday, after posting, I dug around in a few of my high-clutter areas, and produced a nice-sized pile for giveaway. I'd say I could call it about five "bags worth." I finally have a friend who's expecting a baby boy (they've all been pregnant with girls recently!), so I'm going to give her all our excess baby stuff. And I went through all my jackets, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. It makes me a little sad to give away certain scarves, etc. that I knit myself. I mean, I spent all that time on them....However, if I don't wear them anymore, they should go to someone who will, right?

4. On the docket for this weekend: Tom and I will do a major clean-out and reorganization in the basement. I can't wait :-)

5. Came across a great blog the other day, and want to share the goodness: Barefoot and Pregnant

6. I was reading the newspaper yesterday, and saw that there's a special event of sorts going on at the Clayton. This is the historical house of wealthy industrialist Henry Clay Frick from the late 19th century, and they give daily tours of the place. For the next month, they are giving a special focus to all the women of the family - Mrs. Frick and her daughters, and well as the maids and servants. It sounds very interesting. I mentioned it to Tom, and we're thinking of going.

7. Taking a tour of the Frick house was actually what we did on our first date....

And I just started typing up the explanation of how, after 5+ years of being "Just Friends", Tom and I finally arrived to going on our first date. But it turns out that that explanation was longer than is appropriate for a Quick Take, and I've decided to just save it for its own post somewhere down the line. Maybe.

Suffice it to say, despite being pretty sweet in its own right, the Clayton has sentimental value to us. So I want to go back there with my Honey! :-)

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