Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Bunch of Updates

So I realized that I often mention something on this blog - some habit I want to start/stop, something I've been pondering, etc. - but then I never follow up on it later. Sorry if I leave anyone wondering where I am on certain things. So, as a way to make amends, let me address a few of the things I have mentioned on here and forgotten to come back to.

1. I decided I wasn't getting enough vitamins/nutrients in my diet, so was trying to remember taking the prenatal vitamins (good for nursing moms too), and drink more homemade juice.
Update: umm....I don't think I've remembered to take a vitamin in about 2 weeks. And we put the juicer away a couple weeks ago when company was coming over, and I still haven't dragged it out again. So...I have been doing badly on those things! Perhaps that's why I never mentioned it again. But I am feeling less drained than I had been. I wonder if part of the cause is as simple a thing as the return of the sunlight!

2. I wanted to find a way to get some more exercise. Tom and I planned to take a long walk at a different park each weekend.
Update: Last week, I visited a gym, because a friend had given me a free pass. It was nice, but I don't know if it's in the budget now for me to become a member. Even so, now that the weather is finally starting to get more pleasant I will feel stronger motivation to get outside and move around, so have less need of a gym.

I mentioned before how for about five years, I went for daily runs. I loved it, and was definitely in better shape. And then around two years ago, I was hit with the triple curse of busy-ness, tiredness, and laziness. And I just got out of the habit. My running became only occasional and irregular. And then I got pregnant, and just stopped completely. While having Sly to look after during the days definitely limits how often I can run, if I really try, I could probably make time for it a few times a week [note: we don't own/can't afford a jogging stroller, and I think my neighborhood would be a bad place for that anyways]. My dad still maintains his daily running habit, and I've been asking him to invite me along sometime. But every time he calls, he says he's going out for 10+ miles (he's training for a half-marathon), so I have to turn him down. Last Friday, he called to ask if I wanted to join him the next morning for an 8.4 mile run. It was the shortest distance he's offered me in a while, so crazily, I figured I should jump at the chance. And oh. my. gosh. It was painful. I am so out of shape. That was definitely not a smart way to get back into running, but now that it's over (and the soreness is finally waning), I'm glad I did it.

Tom and I have not been doing our weekend walks. Every weekend has given us cold, gross weather recently. Hopefully this weekend we will resume it.

3. I said I was hoping to get to daily Mass more often - at least twice a week.
Update: I've actually been doing this! I don't think I've ever made it more than twice a week, but it's still a great improvement from what it had been. If I could start waking up even earlier, I would probably get to Mass even more.

4. We were trying to push Sly's bedtime earlier.
Update: He currently goes to bed at 9:00. For now, we're happy with that time. We might try to move it to 8:30 later, but I don't think we'd want to go any earlier than that. Tom needs baby-bonding time in the evenings, and mom needs some rest in the mornings!

5. We thought the cat might be pregnant.
Update: Unfortunately....I'm thinking it was just a false alarm. haha. She kept acting oddly for a few days after I wrote about it, but now she's back to her usual sour mood and distasteful temper. And I swear she looked a little fatter for a while (even Tom's sister said so when she was visiting) - but now she looks normal again. Water retention??

6. I decided to get a late start on 40 Bags in 40 Days.
Update: Just for the record, I never intended to reach all 40 bags. But I wanted to sort of join in the movement, and clean out some clutter from my house. Since the night we did the sock drawers and the rack in the bathroom, I really haven't sorted through anything. But all those CD cases are still shouting at me to be dealt with. Hopefully, I will tackle them soon. But I know this weekend's project is to deal with the jungle in our backyard, take down the plastic from the windows, and other such springtime-y tasks. So that might not leave me much free time.

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  1. i can't believe you ran eight miles, just like that. i am seriously impressed!

    thanks for recommending the "bread in five minutes a day" book. i have it on hold at the library. i can't wait till it comes in and i can start baking!