Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Husband, the Punster

From recent discussions about the baby.

On Friday...
Me: When do you think Sly will be weaned?
Tom [considers it a second, then cracks a huge smile]: When you wean him, will that make you a 'wiener'?

On Saturday
Me: This is my son! I bore him.
Tom: Yeah, you bore me too.

Me: He's good at his 'B' sounds, and his 'M' sounds.
Tom: Well, he says 'D' sounds too.
Me: Yeah...every now and then he slips one in. But he doesn't "practice" them like he does his B's and M's.
Tom: Yeah, he practices his BMs a lot.

[Note: BM = Bowel Movement]

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  1. that does seem to be a very strange pattern of events, ha ha! adam has those weirdly helpful days too. i'm quite a fan of them!