Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Flower Show

When the in-laws were in town last weekend, we all went to Phipp's Conservatory, where they were having their Spring Flower Show. I used to go there a couple times a year, when I was in college. I can't remember whether my student ID granted me free admission, or just a discount. But since I graduated, I think I've only been there once. Maybe. It's hard to pay full price for things once you've been spoiled by free/low admission prices for years!

I took a ton of photos, but I don't have all day to spend uploading them into blogger. So I'm just going to post a handful to give a good "taste" of what we saw.

They still have a few Chihuly glass pieces from a special exhibit of his work they did a few years back.
This makes me want my own greenhouse one day!

Sly got to meet the Easter Bunny (who is apparently female?)

See that little chunk missing out of the leaf? He had already pulled that off when we weren't looking.


I LOVE hydrangeas. These ones were so intensely purple. Someday when we have an actual yard, I definitely hope to grow some.

More hydrangeas :-)


A beautiful place, and one that everyone in Pittsburgh should make sure to visit.


  1. Yay hydrangeas! They were our wedding flower, and I really hope to grow them some day, too!

  2. Hydrangeas are our wedding flower too!(Originally I wanted peonies, and I'm still a little bummed that we're getting married the month *after* they are available, but hydrangeas are lovely. :))

    I always intend to go to Phipps and the Carnegie Museums more often while I can still do so for free--but it's so busy these days. :( (And of COURSE student's don't get in free during the summer, when I actually have time to do cultural things.)

  3. I'll jump in on that--they're our wedding flower as well :)

  4. i love wandering around phipps! oh, i will so miss getting in there for free after graduating!