Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sharing Some Links

1. Here's a nice article about the store where we've bought all our diapers.
Cloth Diapers No Longer Get a Bum Wrap

2. I found this article to give an interesting approach to questions such as "how do we teach our children to love the Faith?" and "what if they reject it?"
One quote that stood out was this: "A Godly-ordered perspective is not one that sees the world comprised of sinners and non-sinners, but comprised of sinners who are aware they are sinners, and sinners who are not. In this regard, awareness of our sin is the engine driving our human drama. Without awareness of our sin (and our tendency toward sin), we have no need of a Savior."
How To Be a Good Sinner

3. I also linked this on Facebook when it was first posted, and since then, it has completely blown up and been re-posted and recommended all over the Catholic blogging world. So chances are you've already seen Calah's post What a Woman in Crisis Really Needs. If not, do yourself a huge favor, and GO READ IT, already!

4. So check out this total hobbit-house someone actually built! For the record, I am not a LOTR geek, let me assure you. But I thought this little home looked so cozy and woodsy. Also, the intention of the builders was to make a home that would be sustainable, and fit into the forest environment - it just happens to look like a Hobbit hole. Because, I assume, Hobbits would have had similar aims in their home-building. Like Convergent Evolution (see, I AM a biology geek).

5. Rosemary recently shared a post about her rose plant, and how it came to her. St Therese (I'm too lazy to figure out how to add the accents) never fails to amaze me!!

Hope you all enjoy a Blessed and Holy Triduum!

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  1. Thanks for the link Christine! :)

    And for the other links ... the Hobbit hole is awesome. Filing the "Woman in Crisis" article for later reading.